Natural moisturizer Sun Ibiza Puruté has a large concentration of actives which gives as result a greater effectiveness in the short term.

Its high content of seaweeds provides deep hydratation , the skin has a higher brightness. Thanks to the contribution of water to the skin of Sun Ibiza Puruté, this recover its natural hydratation and health is a plus for face and neck.


Actives concentration in the eye contour Sun Ibiza Puruté leads to visible results in the very short term, helping to transform and improve the delicate appearance of the eye area

One of the problems in this sensitive area is the dryness. Moisturizers principles of seaweeds reduce this feeling and give as results the reduction of dark circles and wrinkles which appear in the eye area.


The antioxidant power of anti aging cream Sun Ibiza Puruté resides in seaweeds, leaves the skin smooth and soft slowing skin aging and it is a supply of vitamins A, B, C, F y K, all the power of the sea in your skin.

The cream acts directly in the heart of your skin, delaying the problem of aging. Seaweeds which provide hydratation are a potent antioxidant. Actives concentration in formulation reach visible effects at a very short time, providing greater elasticity and hight brightness in the skin.


Our serum increases elasticity and firmness of the skin due to the high active concentration. The results can be seen at a very short time. A rejuvenating serum since first application.

Seaweeds supply minerals which are certainly synonimous of greater elasticity and therefore increases skin tone and reduces sagging.

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