Seaweeds and sea bring radiance to your skin

A range of high natural cosmetics is a tribute to your sking and the senses.








More than 18 years in pharmaceutical cosmetics which support SUN IBIZA PURUTE. A line of facial cosmetics created exclusively from the island and particularly thought for a demanding audience which appreciates quality and intelligent advice.

Joined our exclusive products is the genius innovation of marine cosmetics. The seaweeds and sea water to be confused with our skin, the biggest organ in the human body, providing natural wealth that will increase beauty and health illuminating our skin and, of course, delaying their aging smoothness and softness.

The power of seaweeds

Seaweeds to nourish our skin with vitamins, proteins, amino acids, iodides, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and alginic acid which help us to remove toxins. Having seaweeds as active agent of SUN IBIZA allow us to refute  their moisturizing properties, debugging and nutrition are reached next to its antioxidant effect without forgetting the visible and verifiable beatifying of our skin.

Seawater to slow aging by removing excess fat, so our skin will show a relaxed aspect, soft, bright and healthy as the healer of seawater, allow speed up the healing of skin problems as eczema, allergies, peeling, itching, irritation, etc. Giving us well-being sedate.


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