Puruté’s Philosophy, High Natural Cosmetics

Puruté’s Philosophy, High Natural Cosmetics

Puruté’s Philosophy, High Natural Cosmetics

Where was our range of Natural Cosmetics? A bath in a paradisiacal cove, a cocktail in beachfront with background music, a beautiful sunset surrounded by the special atmosphere that is breathed in Ibiza …

Just so did the inspiration for our brand, we wanted to share what makes us feel the island, and enjoy it all year, have a bit of positive energy of the island that seduces us throughout the year.

Puruté Ibiza Sun was born with a very clear idea, satisfy the demanding, exclusive consumer looking for the best natural products, those that like Ibiza love from the first moment.

Sun Ibiza Puruté is just that, PRODUCTS love. care are all aspects to the fullest, we wanted to convey the best of the fantastic island of Ibiza in our products, from the packaging to the final product, that beautiful sunset along with the salamander, mythical symbol of the island of Ibiza, as we have not extracted the best of the Mediterranean, the algae have become a basic product for natural cosmetics, aloe vera is another essential, principal element in our products.

There are no secrets, with the highest percentage of active natural principles is achieved one of the best cosmetics silent: Goodbye lines By using the full range of products smoothes fine lines and prevents premature skin aging. Avoid spots, wrinkles and sagging A properly hydrated and nourished skin is essential to prevent stains, wrinkles and sagging.

For all skin types It is a natural line and is ready for all skin types, care, prevents and corrects imperfections present our face. welcome brightness The skin has a higher hydration resulting in the return to the natural light of it. In the development of our products we have only been taken into account quality factors vital for reference in natural cosmetics where the consumer is clear what he wants, the best product possible in order to achieve the best results.

Puruté Sun Ibiza is a line of natural cosmetics high-end sales in medical-aesthetic and most exclusive international boutiques centers, if you want you can also buy it directly on our website, if you choose this medium, we have prepared a surprise for you … News, promotions, gifts …


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