Discover Ibiza

Dip your feet in the cool sand, wath a sunset, feel the breeze on your skin, taste your salty lips by the sea… Travelling to paradise is not only a matter of imagination, we can get to this idilic paradise looking after our skin.


Ibiza paradise on Earth

ibiza is a different “planet”, a place out of the map, an oasis for mind and body. Sun Ibiza Puruté focuses on its products the essence of this magical island, that white light which surrounds everything. The artless fragrances and natural textures that makes these products a piece of heaven on Earth.

High cosmetics ingredients Sun Ibiza Puruté are unique and natural, carefully selected to create a luxurious cocktail for your skin.

The nature

The smell, texture and juiciness feeling contribute a sensory experience. The high natural cosmetics combines the genuine benefits of its ingredients with visible results of its formulation.

Unique experience

It is possible to get this natural and relaxed beauty which brings a nourished skin soaking up of the sea energy to regenerate our cells and feel the fullness in our face rediscovering brightness we loose in the city. Sun Ibiza Puruté is much more than a range care of high natural cosmetics, it is the unique experience to take advantage of the best in nature for our own benefit.


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